Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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OMG .. 've just seen how someone looks Skins Season 5, now I want to observe 0.0

Skiiiins. However, it is strange to be confronted with new charas. The change that is always completely every two seasons. So no more Freddie, no Effy.

I hope Effys actress Katniss is Everdeen. :) If you ever noticed that you're in a series in business much easier to become famous? How quickly now, the people of Glee with stars who have their whole life to her career working on a stage stand.

is however to be there also easily bound forever in a series to find a character and then nothing else. So always Series, become famous and then rotate movies;)
How does, for example, Maggie Grace is my favorite. Uh, am looking forward to be on her vampire.

I need more pictures for the Shannon and Damon Story, and a title * think * Shamon, Dannon? Sounds like both ^ ^

This looks all right but as Vampy from ^ ^ Or this

And we need more storyline, which is for now out of Shannon. Is it good, bad? Hm, I must post in our story review. Why

Vampire Diaries have the people actually at that time for Ian Somerhalder. I'm indeed very happy when I learn that he again has a role. But at least Ian is already over 30! And the guys are to represent teens, Paul can buy the little more than Ian. Ian has now just looks so old.

In the age of LOST he would have been appropriate because he was younger and crisp, NEN had pretty short hair.

Yes, and now he has deep wrinkles around the eyes, you see often the scars on his cheeks.

so I doubt whether he was the right choice for the role of Damon. Sure, we now identify with Ian Damon. The half-crooked grin, the narrowed eyes, the cold humor. But ... when I think about how the series goes on the run really really long, like Smallville, for example, because people will actually cast young. Tom Welling was still determined under 18 when he started and now he is in Ian's age at the 10th Season.

Now if you change the looks of Tom, and his role. Unbelievable. I also think that they had insane luck with the actor, as has uncanny talent and good looks. And that has not changed over the years. If ever, he is mature / become male. Yes
and its role is thus more credible. The Vampire Diaries

would perhaps have done well to cast even one who is actually only 18th There must be enough pretty young actors out there, which would be falling over to play such a role.

So have taken the easy way out and choose someone who had already experienced and known. Virtually the cowardly way out. Who knows, maybe we would have now a much wilder Damon. Perhaps the series would
flopped but also, so I'm rather grateful for what I have. Did it just get rid times ;)


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